26 Reasons Sherlock Is The Best TV Show Ever

The fabulousness of Sherlock!

Thought Catalog

If for some reason you have not been fortunate or wise enough to have watched the BBC’s “Sherlock” series, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, welcome to the turning point. I have given the DVD sets as gifts for several occasions, and now I give them to you. The show is genius, to put it simply. Created by “Dr. Who” writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss (who plays the insufferable Mycroft in the actual show), it, like Sherlock himself, just can’t be beaten. Not by Guy Ritchie’s films. Not by “Elementary.” Not even by Freeman and Cumberbatch as Bilbo and Smaug. If you need some convincing about whether or not these very long episodes are worth watching, I have taken the time out of my day to compile some of my favorite scene and blurbs from the show. It’s because I believe in Sherlock Holmes, and I think you will…

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