PLEASURES: ROYAL FOR A DAY: Embracing the art of the faux Holiday

 Starting about 9 years ago, I started making desire lists, instead of resolution lists.  I wanted to make the getting "there" more fun, more accessible, less daunting, quite simply...more.  So I started an active Desire List, inspired by my study with the fabulous, mojo-building, grab your sexy-back, encouraging Mama Gena's School of the Womanly Arts (remind me to [...]

INSPIRATION from Marianne Williamson and THE DAILY LOVE

Every morning when the sun is waking and the sky is still dark and quiet, I find myself rousing from sleep.  Be it from a kid, trying to snuggle in my bed or an idea that is pushing to the surface -- I find that morning comes and I am thankful.  There are several sources that [...]