Spotlight: Summer From India Hicks

  It's a beautiful season for a bit of travel, adventure, glamour, ease and versatile, yet, lovely accessories.  It is also one of the things that I love about being an ambassador for India Hicks.  Great products that are made for everyday life with excellent craftsmanship that exude luxury and elegance at an accessible price [...]

Summer Listen: The Beekeeper’s Daughter by Santa Montefiore

It's been a gorgeous summer.  Rainy, but gorgeous. The heat is starting to rise in Dallas, and school is out.  It's the season for lemonade, sweet tea, icy rose', strawberry shortcake and smoky foods from the barbecue.  It's rather delightful.    It's also the time that I start to listen to more audiobooks.  I look [...]

Pleasures: Catchy, Mellow Tunes to Enjoy

These days, I find myself in the car, behind a computer, cleaning the kitchen or walking through a park more often than not.  I play music or listen to an audio book to pass the time, allow my imagination, thoughts and soul to wander while go through the motions and rollercoaster of everyday life. Each [...]

Pleasures: Taste: Bluebonnets and a Bright Spring Cocktail from Reyka Vodka

    It's Spring.  Here in Texas that means sunshine, bluebonnets, hail, rain and barbecue. It's fantastic.  It is also the perfect time to indulge in a delicious cocktail from Reyka Vodka as you watch the most glorious sunsets that I've ever seen.   Reyka Southside 2 parts Reyka Vodka 1 part fresh lime juice [...]

3 Weekend Reads for a Rainy Day: The Magnolia Journal, Seven Minutes in Heaven and A Study in Scarlet Women

Right now in Dallas it is rainy.  Not that misty rain that you cannot hear inside the house, but the rain that sounds like drops dancing across the roof and down the patio in the back.  It's relaxing.  The thunder reminds me to rest a little while and do something easy, peaceful and enjoy a [...]

Pleasures: A dozen ways to have more fun this Spring

This is the season of flowers, sunshine, champagne, Easter eggs, roast Lamb and salads that bring the bounty of the season indoors.   This year, I have challenged myself to experience ten new pleasure inducing things each month.  So far it has been remarkably successful.  Adding small, non-essentials into the day bring light and adventure [...]

{Label Love} Introducing Legacy Letters by India Hicks #InitialLegacy

As you probably know, I am an ambassador for India Hicks.  So, it is probably equally unsurprising that I have particular favorites in the collection.  The new Legacy Letters are my new accessory crush. Modern. Golden. Unique. Special. Personal. Elegant. You. These modern pendants symbolize that which means the most to you.  Which letters speak [...]